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Come closer, closer! We want to share a story with you. A story of a myth and legend, of exploration, danger and intrigue. You have heard the legend before, of a mythical device that does what it claims. We have all read about such things but could never find them, until now...

We bring you a story that comes from the land of legends and the mists of time itself.

We searched the world over, explored every known ancient site and catacomb, and scoured every ancient text we could find, until… we discovered an unknown ancient catacomb. We traveled thousands of miles, cheated death at every turn, and at times our sanity. Then we did it, at last we found our holy grail!

We happened on an unknown site, deep underwater that had writings of another unknown location. So we set out to this new location across thousands of miles of water, over high mountain ranges, and through bitter cold we made our way and arrived to our objective. Put on our environmental suits and set out. As we made our way through this new unexplored catacomb, we stumbled across the find of the ages. Deep in a dark, icy crevasse at an undisclosed location we fell through a break in an ice wall into what we thought was an antechamber that held a hall of records. In reality, it appeared to be a library. As we fell into this antechamber, lights flickered to life, we then knew this was no catacomb. There were scrolls all over, as well as, stations, screens and consoles of some type all around that began to flicker and come alive as we moved around the room. The structure must have been tens of thousands of years old, pre-dating our current thinking of the age of humanity. There were written historical records from the world over, from every known tongue and some that have never been seen before. There were no other doors that we could see so, we figure we were actually in a hallway of some kind to this catacomb, temple or spacecraft and fell into this room. After we figured out how to operate the consoles we began searching them. This is where we found the reference to this device and learned how to harness the principals of physics and the mysticism of alchemy to make it work. While searching the room we found many other artifacts and began removing them from their resting places. In doing so, we apparently triggered some kind of reaction that could not be stopped, because alarms began to sound and we heard some kind of language we have never heard before and it was counting down.

Fearing the worst, total collapse of the structure and not wanting to lose this ancient knowledge, we grabbed everything we could; scrolls, amulets and other technological artifacts, then raced our way back through the tunnels to the surface and through the bitter deathly cold to bring it to the world. As we got some distance away the ground shook underneath our feet and as we looked back at the ice crevasse and saw flames shooting from the tunnel, licking at the sky, the structure was destroyed and all the secrets it held lost to time; but we got what we were seeking and then some.